Listen To YouTube

ListenToYouTube works great when you need to convert YouTube video to MP3 audio (or MP4 video) format and download quickly to your device. You can do this to listen to YouTube music later offline, or during long train ride - downloa your favorite podcast from YouTube as 1hr long MP3 file, and listen to it anywhere, anytime. It is easy to build up a collection of your favorite tunes from YouTube, and doing so will save tons of your limited monthly mobile data.

YouTube to MP3 Converter

You can copy the URL (link) of the video you'd like to convert, then paste it into our converter and press Convert button. You can also use video search functionality we offer, where localized searches suggestions will make typing things easier. Using search allows one to forgoe copy-paste step with the video URL. Although search doesn't always find that very video you want, so copying and pasting the right URL is often the only way to go. Another way to skip dealing with the URL is to use our special shortcut. It's a bookmark that allows you to convert YouTube video that is open in your browser in just 1 click. Check it out.